solar photovoltaic panel installation

Solar Photovoltaic Panel Installations

CanDo Roofing supply and install PV & Photovoltaic solar heating systems across Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

PV Installations

Solar Photovoltaics is currently the fastest growing industry in the world helping to provide an alternative power solution to lessen our dependency on traditional nuclear power.

Over the last year alone 65,000 Solar Photovoltaic installations have been registered with Ofgem in the UK.

With ever rising energy costs, low bank saving rates, lower product costs and the support of Government Feed In Tariff Scheme there has never been a better time to consider Solar Photovoltaics.

Feed in Tariff

If you would like a comprehensive overview of Solar Photovoltaics, the Feed in Tariff and how it can benefit you contact us today, for a free no obligation survey.